Simple And Low Cost Solution To Solve Defaults And Late Payments Issues

Large Account Receivable Company was spending most of their time chasing up overdue payments from their clients. It was taking at least 6 hours per day, for two employees, to gather the list of customers that had defaulted or were late in paying their bills. We adopted the crawl-walk-jog approach. Firstly, we automated the process to retrieve the list of clients who were behind in their payments. This preparation process cut down the time from 12 hours effort to a few seconds, which meant that instead of running campaign only twice per week, the company was able to retrieve a list of clients to chase up, every single day.

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CC4Skype A Winner With Leading Recycling Company

As proud supporters of recycling, AI Australia were overjoyed to work with the world leader in the field of reverse vending with their Return and Earn container deposit scheme in NSW. The start-up initiative involves placing kiosks around the state so the consumer can earn 10 cents per bottle or can when placed in the collection kiosks. Since starting the operation in November 2017, this recycle company has placed over 50 collection kiosks across the state. The initiative has been received with incredible popularity and success, collecting over 100,000,000 cans and bottles. As a fast-growing established global organisation, the company faced challenges with having no visibility and reporting on how their calls were being answered and managed.

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